If you make movies, documentaries or corporate videos, or if you're a dance teacher or student, or if you just love to dance, act or sing, there'll be something here for you.. 

Orchestral Music: 

Sinfonietta No.1 ("Silver"): 

Bob's first Sinfonietta ("Silver") is available for orchestral programming and repertoire from Studio Music. It was the idea of getting younger people interested in classical music which first prompted Bob to create a short, melodic, accessible symphony. A sinfonietta. A bit like taking symphonies back to how they started, this is a short symphony for full orchestra, with each of the three movements (Moderato-Allegro-Lento) being around three minutes. 

Sinfonietta No.2 ("Heroes"): 

Bob's second Sinfonietta ("Heroes") is also available for orchestral programming and repertoire from Studio Music. More technically demanding than Sinfonietta No.1, "Heroes" follows the same principles of duration and accessibility. 

March Not Alone: 

"One man has but one heart and is one man on his own, 'til one man stands beside him then he'll never be alone." 
With an element of tension through the use of ostinato, and released by rich harmonic chords, "March Not Alone" has the feeling of something simple being begun by a few, and becoming powerful and glorious as others join in and add their worth. Performance materials for full orchestra are also available from Studio Music

Orchestral Suite No.1 ("The Animal Suite"): 

Five Zoologocial Studies for full orchestra will be available summer 2024 

Olivia, The Witch And The Christmas Tree: 

"Olivia, The Witch And The Christmas Tree" is a charming narrated Christmas story about a girl who gets lost and meets a witch. Narration is interspersed with characterful pieces of music for full orchestra. It will also be available summer 2024 

Silent Pool: 

The waters of the Silent Pool in Albury, Surrey, are exceptionally clear and still. Legend has it that the pool is haunted, and this work interweaves calm, atmospheric music with Christina Buchanan's beautiful re-telling of the legend, seen from an unusual viewpoint. An intimate work scored for piano, narrator and solo instrument (cello, clarinet or horn). Scores will be available summer 2024 

Sheet Music for sale:  

Sheet Music for Viola: 

It all started here ... "10 Melodies for Viola and Piano" is a book of tunes for viola, with piano accompaniment. It has varying levels of difficulty, a little double-stopping in the final piece, and is ideal for viola teachers and viola students. This is available both in paper form and as a download from Music4Viola. 

Sheet Music Collections: 

We have other collections as well, available to download. These are cheaper than buying individual pieces, you get at least one piece free! 
3 Bach-inspired Studies for Piano 
3 Fun Melodies for Violin and Piano 
3 Rags for Piano 
3 Rags for String Quartet 
3 Tangos for String Quartet 
4 Romantic Piano Pieces 
4 Character Dances for String Quartet 
5 Ballet Piano Solos 
5 Cheeky String Quartets 
5 Melodies for Cello and Piano 
6 Waltzes for String Quartet 
10 Classical Style String Quartets for Weddings 
10 Melodies for Viola and Piano 
10 More String Quartets for Weddings 
Or you can download the pieces individually:- 

Sheet Music for String Quartet: 

Sheet Music for some of our String Quartets is available to download:- 
A Celebratory Occasion (Occasions
A Handful Of Crumbs (Three For Tea) 
A Rose Amongst Thorns 
A Rustic Verse 
A Walk By The River 
A Waltz In The Park 
Add A Little Sparkle 
All Hands On Deck 
An Innocent Sorrow 
And There Were Bears 
Ascendance (Conundrum) 
Assemblé (Champagne Moments) 
Balancé 5 (The Icing On The Cake) 
Billy Stugger's Piglet 
Bunting (On The Bright Side) 
Chansonette (Upper Crust) 
Daisy Chain 
Dance Of The Baby Birds 
Elizabethan Girl 
Exhilaration Rag 
Exhilaration Tango 
Four Blind Mice 
Four Flamingos (Sonorade) 
Four Horses (Tea At The Savoy) 
Gavotte (Whatnotte) 
Happy Freedom Waltz 
Hold The Moment (Exigence) 
Honey And Velvet (Velvet And Honey) 
It's A Cracker 
It's Just A Stage They're Going Through (Applejack) 
Just For You 
La Luna Rosa 
Las Bonitas 
Moonbeach Tango (A Horse Called Careful) 
Mozart Is Alive And Well And Living In Kingston 
On Eagles' Wings 
Pierrot (The London Rag) 
Pirouette (Fortunity) 
Pretty Little Thing 
Salka Rising (Alkari Sings) 
Soufflé (A Recipe For Soufflé) 
The Banyan Tree (The Cat's Whiskers) 
The Cherry On The Top 
The Gull Of My Dreams 
Thimble Rag (Ragtime Girl) 
Tuppenny Bit (Manor Born) 
We Glide Like Swans 
You Are My Hope 

Sheet Music for Audition Songs: 

Sheet Music for some of our more popular songs (great for auditions!) is similarly available to download as follows:- 
A Brigadier Retired 
A Woman's Right To Change Her Mind 
All I've Got 
Larkin' Around 
Lord, Keep That Devil 'way From Me (High-Tone Lovers) 
Show Me The Way 
Vera Jones 

Other Sheet Music available: 

We also have sheet music available for selected other pieces of our music, as follows:- 
A Fond Farewell 
A Moonlight Kiss 
A Sailor's Dog 
After Some Thought 
After Bach 
After The Silence 
Ain't It Good 
Ain't It Good 
Andante For Three Cellos (Marshwings) 
Andante For Three Horns 
Appearance Of The First Snowdrop 
Ariel (Lady Summersby) 
At Ease 
Auburn Leaf 
Bunting (On The Bright Side) 
Caro Kina (Caro) 
Centenary Rag (Salutation Rag) 
Dance Of The Baby Birds 
Don't Go Into The Basement! 
Emergence (Equinox) 
Fire Dance 
Flow Motion (Jazzin' Around) 
Glory Be 
Happy Home Rag 
Heartflow (A Heart Full) 
Herald Of The Morning (First Light) 
I Will Go On 
La Luna Rosa for Clarinet 
La Luna Rosa for Trumpet 
La Luna Rosa for Violin 
Las Bonitas (Tango) 
Love Within 
Maybug Rag 
Niente Mi Piace 
One More Time 
One Thing Remains 
Paper Tiger 
Pierrot (The London Rag) 
Pierrot (The London Rag) 
Pierrot (The London Rag) 
Pierrot (The London Rag) 
Plie 2 (The Lonely Countess) 
Port De Bras 2 
Satyr (My Classical Passions) 
Serenata (Lovers' Flute Serenade) 
Serenata (Lovers' Violin Serenade) 
The Piglet (An English Affair) 
The White Egret (No Regrets) 
Thimble Rag (Ragtme Girl) 
Three Card Rag 
Windless Sky 
Cello and Piano 
Piano Solo 
Clarinet Duet 
Piano Trio 
Cello Solo 
Cello Solo 
French Horn Quartet 
Trombone Quartet 
Piano Solo 
Cello Trio 
French Horn Trio 
Piano Solo from "Al Hayba" 
Piano Solo 
Piano Trio from "Al Hayba" 
Piano Trio from "Nos Youm" 
Piano Solo 
Piano Trio 
Piano Rag 
Piano Solo 
Flute and Clarinet duet 
Bassoon Solo 
Cello and Piano 
Violin Solo 
Jazz Piano 
Piano Solo 
Piano Trio 
Piano Solo 
Brass Quintet 
Clarinet Solo, piano accompaniment 
Trumpet Solo, piano accompaniment 
Violin Solo, piano accompaniment 
String Orchestra 
Piano Solo 
Piano Rag 
Piano Solo 
Piano Solo 
Piano Quintet 
A Cappella SATB Song 
Piano Rag 
Arrangement for Clarinet and Piano 
Arrangement for Violin and Piano 
Arrangement for Saxophone Quartet 
String Trio 
Piano Solo 
Piano Solo 
Piano Solo 
Piano Solo 
Flute Solo 
Violin Solo 
Piano Solo from "Al Hayba" 
String Trio 
Piano Solo 
Piano Rag 
Jazz Band 
Jazz Waltz with Flute 
Jazz Waltz with Alto Sax 
Piano Solo 

Other ways to purchase our Sheet Music 

Our sheet music is available from MusicNotes, ScoreExchange, SheetMusicMarketplace and SheetMusicPlus  

Musicals Available for Rental:  

Silver's Ghost 

Set against a backdrop of World War II, Silver's Ghost tells the story of Silver Brizeley-Lemington and her fiancé, Jack. 
"If you make a difference for people after you, even if you die, people remember that. You might save a life, or defend someone you love, and when they remember what you did, they remember you. And if they remember you, you've not really gone.” 
Set entirely in the grand hallway of a stately home, this ghost story begins in the late summer of 1939 when the storm clouds of war are gathering. 
The timeless and enduring love between the two young leads is contrasted with a burgeoning romance, as it charts the efforts which Mrs Grimshaw, the grumpy hypochondriacal housekeeper, makes to deter the romantic advances of Cedric Perkins, the irrepressible local postman. 
Music by Bob Good, dialogue by Christina Buchanan, and additional material by Pete Knott and David Burton. 

Rental information:- 

Duration - 105 minutes in two acts. 
20 copies of script / vocal score 
2 copies of piano / conductor score 
1 set of band parts (bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, violin, reed (alto sax, clarinet, flute)) 
To apply for the rights to hire “Silver’s Ghost” and for perusal material please contact us 


The distant planet of Syrenius is populated only by women who reproduce by parthenogenesis, but their birth rate is falling and something has to be done about it. Their search brings them to earth where they find someone unfortunately inappropriate for this special task, and the fun begins … 
STUD uses a large female chorus with fun character parts of varying sizes, to tell its comic story of alien abduction. 
Dialogue and lyrics by Christina Buchanan, music by Bob Good. 

Rental information: 

Duration - 120 minutes in two acts. 
30 copies of script / vocal score 
2 copies of piano conductor score 
1 set of band parts (bass, drums, guitar) 
To apply for the rights to hire “Stud” and for perusal material please contact us 
As well as an Arranger and Rehearsal Accompanist, Bob is well-known locally for having been Musical Director on many shows since the early 1980’s. 
It would be impossible to pick a favourite from so many years of directing, but some highlights include... 
Jan 1986: The Shoe Shop Show 
Feb 1996: A Slice Of Saturday Night 
Oct 2001: Blondel 
Feb 2003: Pandemonium 
May 2004: Silver’s Ghost 
May 2005: Personals 
Oct 2007: Stud 
Nov 2014: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change 
Dec 2022: Dick Whittington 
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